Susan Scarf-Merrell — Shirley — Author Talk

Join us for a talk with author Susan Scarf-Merrell as she discusses her latest   novel, Shirley: a novel.  Newly married and pregnant at 19, Rose joins her husband, Fred, when he accepts a posting as a graduate teaching assistant at  Bennington College, working for Stanley Hyman. The job comes with the so-called perk of living with Hyman and his wife, the notorious real-life author Shirley   Jackson. Rose is smitten with Shirley, in thrall not only to her authorial prowess but also to the rumors that swirl around her like so many poisonous arrows regarding accusations of witchcraft and Shirley’s role in the disappearance of one of Stanley’s student paramours. Rose remains ever loyal, however, until Shirley  accuses Rose of seducing Stanley in the wake of Rose’s discovery of Fred’s student dalliance.

To register call (631) 324-0222 Ext. 3, Stop by the Adult Reference Desk


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