Though Amagansett was home, Wendy Raebeck always felt distant lands pulling her away. Now frequent visits back to family are highlights of every season, and she stays closely connected to this wonderful place—most especially to Charlie, her iconic  94-year-old father.  With pen as traveling companion, Wendy has recorded numerous misadventures, tribulations, romances, and musings. Along the wayward path, she’s   taken a decent bite out of life, and her books let the reader ride shotgun.  With two books published (“Some Swamis are Fat” and “I Did Inhale—Memoir of a Hippie Chick”), she has several more in the works for 2016-17, all capsulizing highlights from various incarnations.
Her most recent book, “Expedition Costa Rica,” is a journal by one of three females in a group of more than twenty–somehow survived a phenomenal amount of rain, river-crossings, mold, sweat, and tears. The book was written during the actual journey, most often beside a campfire in the rain. And when the group walked out of the jungle, the completed manuscript was in the author’s backpack.
Wendy Raebeck now resides on Kaua`i where things are relatively calm. It’s a problem…
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