Guitarmania – The Smith Ventura Duo

Join the East Hampton Library in welcoming the Smith Ventura Duo as they present their program, Guitarmania! Guitarmania is a guitar performance on the development of the acoustic guitar and its literature, beginning with the 16th century renaissance guitar through the 20th century Martin style dreadnought. Music will be performed on replica and modern instruments.Continue reading “Guitarmania – The Smith Ventura Duo”

The Orchestra, with Prof. Craig Boyd

The Orchestra Join Professor Craig Boyd as he examines each of the four instrumental families of the orchestra, how they produce sound, how they are categorized and their function inthe orchestra. Sat 10/29 1-2:30 PM To Register: Call (631) 324-0222 Ext. 3, Stop by the Adult Reference Desk OR Visit the Eventbrite link below:

The Symphony – with Prof. Craig Boyd

Join Professor Craig Boyd as he examines each of the four most commonly used movements that makes up a Classical Symphony. Attendees will be able to understand what a movement is; define a symphony; listen, recognize and understand the musical form and comprehend the relationships between each movement independently. To Register: Call (631) 324-0222 Ext.Continue reading “The Symphony – with Prof. Craig Boyd”