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Jona Laks: A Surviving, Living and Thriving Subject of Josef Mengele and the Holocaust

Hear the incredible story of one twin’s experiences during the Holocaust as a subject of Mengele’s atrocious human experiments at the Auschwitz concentration camp and learn her efforts after the war as she founded and served as chairwoman of the Organization of the Mengele Twins.

To Register stop by the Reference Desk or
call 631-324-0222 extension 3. 

Sun, August 4, 2019

3:00 PM – 4:30 PM


Lecture and performance Professor Craig Boyd The Genesis and Evolution of Rock & Roll Music

Join Professor Craig Boyd, a recipient of the prestigious New York State Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Scholarship and Creative Activities, as he examines the evolution of Rock and Roll Music. The program will take a comprehensive look at the Genesis and Evolution of Rock & Roll Music. It will piece together major events in history that set the stage to spawn the seeds and perpetuation of this unique American music.
Through the study of vocal techniques – delivery, rhythm developments, important historical events, social and political trends, instrumentation, improvisational techniques, listening analysis of musical forms and genres:

Work Songs
The Blues
Boogie Woogie
Rhythm & Blues
Hillbilly -Country Western
Pop – Tin Pan Alley
Soft Rock
Mainstream Rock


At The East Hampton Library

1-2:30 PM

Living on the Edge:In the Face of Climate Change

Kevin McAllister, founding president of DefendH2O and coastal scientist will present on the physical and biological ramifications of climate change within Long Island’s coastal zone. Through an array of photographs, Kevin will address sea level rise, what changes are inevitable for coastal communities and the appropriate responses to ensure our beaches, wetlands and other natural resources remain sustainable.

Sat, March 24, 2018

1:00 PM – 3:00 PM

To Register: Call (631) 324-0222 Ext. 3, Stop by the Adult Reference Desk OR Visit the Eventbrite link below:

Lecture on Phillip Roth

Join the East Hampton Library as we welcome critic, reviewer, writer and teacher Joan Baum as she gives a celebratory talk on America’s greatest fiction writer, Philip Roth, one day before his 84th birthday. Joan will give   extended comments on several of Roths works.

Sat March 18th
1-4 PM
To register Call (631) 324-0222 Ext. 3, Stop by the Adult Reference Desk OR Visit the Eventbrite link below:

The Symphony – with Prof. Craig Boyd

Join Professor Craig Boyd as he examines each of the four most commonly used movements that makes up a Classical Symphony. Attendees will be able to understand what a movement is; define a symphony; listen, recognize and understand the musical form and comprehend the relationships between each movement independently.

To Register: Call (631) 324-0222 Ext. 3, Stop by the Adult Reference Desk OR Visit the Eventbrite link below:

10/22 Sat

1-2 :30 PM

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