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AUTHOR TALK – “The Fifth Trimester” Lauren Smith Brody

Join the East Hampton Library as we welcome author Lauren Smith Brody for a talk and book signing for her bestselling book The Fifth Trimester: The Working Mom’s Guide to Style, Sanity, and Big Success After Baby, which was published this spring by Doubleday. Lauren Smith Brody is the founder of The Fifth Trimester, a movement and business to revolutionize workplace culture for new parents. Prior to launching T5T, Lauren was the executive editor of Glamour magazine. She and her husband live in NYC with their two sons.


1-3 PM

To Register: Call (631) 324-0222 Ext. 3, Stop by the Adult Reference Desk OR Visit the Eventbrite link below:


Author Talk, “A Story That Must Be Told…. Saving East Hampton’s Soul 1978-2017” Debra Brodie Foster

Join us as former East Hampton Town councilwoman (2004 to 2008) and retired teacher Debra Brodie Foster discusses her new book “A Story That Must Be Told: Saving East Hampton’s Soul 1978-2017” The book chronicles almost 40 years of East Hampton history, and folklore, in short stories, and is filled with hundreds of great photos donated by local residents.

Sat Sept 30th
1-3 PM

Register at The Adult Reference Desk, or call (631) 324-0222 ext.3 or register at the Eventbrite link below:

Author Talk – “Real Lace Revisited” James MacGuire

Join the East Hampton Library as we welcome author James MacGuire to discuss his book, Real Lace Revisited: Inside the Hidden World of America’s Irish Aristocracy. Real Lace Revisited chronicles the religious, financial and social evolution of the First Irish Families’ world, its rise, peak, decline, fall, and, in some cases, transformative rebirth. Rather than a memoir, however, the book reads as an informed historical, non-fiction account of the upper-class Irish world as it grew and changed. Real Lace Revisited is always accessible and highly readable, enlivened by MacGuire’s gift for storytelling, encyclopedic knowledge , and often humorous insight into the families concerned.

Sat 9/23

at 3 PM

To Register: Call (631) 324-0222 Ext. 3, Stop by the Adult Reference Desk OR Visit the Eventbrite link below:




Author Talk Ziva Bakman-Flamhaft “War Widow”

Join us for a talk with Ziva Bakman-Flamhaft, author of War Widow: How the Six Day War Changed My Life.

Dr. Ziva Bakman-Flamhaft is a lecturer in Political Science, a Fulbright scholar, and a memoirist. In 1968 as a young war widow in Israel, she    became an activist and a mentor to other war widows. A year later she arrived in the US to serve her government and remained in New York ever since. Her first book Israel on the Road to Peace:  Accepting the unacceptable was published in 1996. In addition, she has published numerous articles, book reviews and book chapters including “From Sufferers to Activists: Israeli and Palestinian Women Talk on War,     Bereavement and Peace,” and “Iron Breaks Too,” on the same subject. Two chapters from her memoir were printed in different publications. Inspired by the 2015 Nobel laureate, Svetlana Alexievich, who documented human suffering by tyranny and war, Flamhaft plans to publish her interviews of Israeli women and her Palestinian assistant in a book form.

Sat, September 16, 2017

1:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Saturday Book Discussion-Author Talk-“Cooking for Picasso” by Camille Aubray and book signing

Please join us for the August Book Discussion. We are pleased to present Author Camille Aubray as she discusses her book “Cooking for Picasso.” Camille will present a Provence-themed discussion, including a lively presentation with a brief slide show of the gorgeous French Riviera places and meals that inspired her to write this novel.

Sat 8/26

10:30 — 11:30 AM

Please sign up at the Adult Reference Desk,  or call 631-324-0222 x3

or click the link below:

Copies of the book to read before discussion will be available at the Circulation Desk for registered Patrons to pick up, starting July 29th, 2017.


Debut author, Anne Michaud’s nonfiction book WHY THEY STAY: SEX SCANDALS, DEALS, AND HIDDEN AGENDAS OF NINE POLITICAL WIVES explores the possible reasoning and motivations behind why political wives stay with their husbands after the husbands stray from the marriage.

As an award-winning political reporter, Anne has covered the men for decades – including Bill Clinton, Eliot Spitzer and Anthony Weiner. The choices of the women who stayed with them after humiliatingly public sex scandals, those are the stories that Anne has always wanted to explore.

In WHY THEY STAY, Anne examines the similarities linking Eleanor Roosevelt, Jackie Kennedy, Valerie Hobson, Marion Stein, Silda Spitzer, Gila Katsav, Wendy Vitter, Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin.

Sat, August 19, 2017

2:00 PM – 3:30 PM

To Register: Call (631) 324-0222 Ext. 3, Stop by the Adult Reference Desk OR Visit the Eventbrite link below:

Author Talk – Think/Point/Shoot with Annette Danto

Join the East Hampton Library as we welcome Annette Danto, Senior Editor/Co-Author of the book Think/Point/Shoot: Media Ethics, Technology and Global Change. Think/Point/Shoot gives students a thorough overview of the role of ethics in modern media creation. Case studies emphasize the critical issues in global media ethics today in all stages of media creation from preproduction research and development, to production and post production. Think/Point/Shoot features practicing filmmakers, journalists, and media creators who provide insight into dealing with real-world ethical dilemmas. A must read for students interested in media production,  documentary production, and all aspects of post production. The author talk will include a presentation about key topics related to media ethics and the current media landscape. Joining Annette Danto will be co-editor Mobina Hashmi, as well as, contributing authors Tami Gold and Yoruba Rischen.

Sat, June 24, 2017

1:00 PM – 3:00 PM

To Register: Call (631) 324-0222 Ext. 3, Stop by the Adult Reference Desk OR Visit the Eventbrite link below:

Author’s Night 2017 tickets are now available for purchase

Authors Night is a lavish fundraiser to benefit the East Hampton Library. All proceeds go directly to the Library. Beginning in 2005 with a handful of dinners and a few hundred attendees, it has grown to be the premier literary event of the Hamptons with 100 authors and more than 2,500 people in attendance.

Click the link below to see the list of attending authors


to purchase tickets click the link below


Author Talk – Lucinda Rosenfeld “Class”

Join the East Hampton Library in welcoming author Lucinda Rosenfeld as she discusses her latest novel, Class. In CLASS, idealistic forty-something Karen Kipple works full-time in the non-profit sector, helping hungry children from disadvantaged homes. But when a troubled student from a nearby housing project begins bullying children in her daughter’s class at school, Karen’s ideals about equal opportunity and education are called into question.

To Register: Call (631) 324-0222 Ext. 3, Stop by the Adult Reference Desk OR Visit the Eventbrite link below:

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