Recording Broadway: An afternoon with Thomas Z. Shepard

Join us in welcoming Thomas Z. Shepard as he brings his great program, Recording Broadway to the East Hampton Library. Recording Broadway offers audiences a behind-the-scenes look at Broadway and the men and women who have made it an American institution. Talking about the shows he’s recorded and the people he’s worked with – everyoneContinue reading “Recording Broadway: An afternoon with Thomas Z. Shepard”

Demarara Gold, a play by and staring Ingrid Griffith

DEMARARA GOLD, written by and featuring Ingrid Griffith, is a story about the unconquerable spirit of a 7-year old girl left in the clutches of her two grandmothers in the Caribbean after her parents suddenly get visas to the USA. When she finally arrives in America to reunite with her parents, Ingrid finds a fatherContinue reading “Demarara Gold, a play by and staring Ingrid Griffith”

Albert Einstein: Rock Star, with Stephen Rosen

Though famously indifferent to fame, Einstein was someone we would today call a “rock star”. His Theory of General Relativity is one of the greatest triumphs of a single human mind. Transforming gravitation into geometry, it challenged our egocentric view of the Universe and created an exciting new form of astronomy. Stephen Rosen is aContinue reading “Albert Einstein: Rock Star, with Stephen Rosen”