Sci Fic book Club “The Martian” by Andy Weir

Sci Fic Book Discussion “The Martian” Andy Weir The Martian Andy Weir Six days ago, astronaut Mark Watney became one of the first people to walk on Mars. Now, he’s sure he’ll be the first person to die there. After a dust storm nearly kills him and forces his crew to evacuate while thinking himContinue reading “Sci Fic book Club “The Martian” by Andy Weir”

Film Screening “Straight Time”

  Dustin Hoffman, Theresa Russell, Gary Busey, M. Emmet Walsh, Harry Dean Stanton A paroled burglar tries to get a job and keep on the straight-and-narrow. His hard-core parole officer has different ideas and sends him back to jail. When he gets out again, he goes after the parole officer, steals his car, and returnsContinue reading “Film Screening “Straight Time””

Winter Film Festival 2016

all films playing at The East Hampton Library, Sundays at 2 PM, all screenings are free.  Sign up required.  Please call (631) 324-0222 ext.3 to register.  The films are as follows:   If you don’t i will A film by Sophie Fillieres French with English Subtitles Pomme and Pierre have been together a long time.Continue reading “Winter Film Festival 2016”

Celebrating Sinatra at 100, performance by Jerry Costanzo

Celebrating Sinatra at 100 Join us to celebrate the 100th birthday of the great Frank Sinatra with singer and entertainer Jerry Costanzo.  Considered one of the Best and busiest   Singer/Bandleaders on the scene today, Jerry has gained popularity among connoisseurs of jazz & swing, young and old. He has done interpretations of tunes from theContinue reading “Celebrating Sinatra at 100, performance by Jerry Costanzo”

Bette Davis Double Feature — Fog Over Frisco & The Girl from 10th Ave

Bette Davis Double Feature — Fog Over Frisco & The Girl from 10th Ave Bette Davis Double Feature Fog Over Frisco and The Girl from 10th Ave Fog Over Frisco: Arlene Bradford (Bette Davis) is a spoiled, bored, wealthy socialite who finances her extravagant lifestyle by exploiting her fiancé Spencer Carlton’s (Lyle Talbot) access to her stepfather’s brokerageContinue reading “Bette Davis Double Feature — Fog Over Frisco & The Girl from 10th Ave”

Good Reads for December 2015

Short Stories Short Stories in Verse — Bob Pascarella Bream gives me hiccups : & other stories — Jesse Eisenberg. England and other stories — Graham Swift Fortune Smiles — Adam Johnson Make Something up: Stories you can’t unread — Chuck Palahniuk  

90 Minutes in Heaven — Free Screening

Film Screening – 90 Minutes in Heaven Don Piper (Hayden Christensen), was involved in a horrific car crash and was pronounced dead at the scene and covered by a tarp. 90 minutes later he had been brought to the emergency room and returns to life, and claims to have seen Heaven and visited with deceasedContinue reading “90 Minutes in Heaven — Free Screening”