Author Talk: “The Art of Stamps” by George Theotocatos

“The Art of Stamps: Messengers of History and the Character of Nations”

Postage stamps serve a purpose far greater than their practical use. These miniature works of art masterfully depict images of a country’s disasters and triumphs, its people and politics, its identity and evolution. They open windows of imagination and wisdom about our past and present world—from economics, environmental protection, propaganda and human rights to sports, war, nature and mythology.

The Art of Stamps invites us on a gallery tour of philately, iconography and social history. As stamps tell stories that only a time traveler could know, their intricate designs teach us about cultural influences and ideologies that remain relevant.

In person talk and book signing in the Baldwin Lecture Room

Saturday June 18th

2-3:30 PM 

*Image and text from…

To Register: Call (631) 324-0222, Ext.3, Stop by the Adult Reference Desk, or Visit…


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